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"And how can they hear about Him unless someone tells them?

And how will anyone go and tell them without being sent?"



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Welcome to Outreach UK's website.

We are passionate about the objectives of our mission

"Making Jesus known" and "Equipping the Church".  

These objectives are worked out through enabling the

local church and individual Christians to impact

their community with the Good News of the Gospel.


REAP SOW CULTIVATE Do you or your church need training in evangelism? What opportunities are there within Outreach UK? How can I become an evangelist? ROMANS 10 verses 14-15 How can our church become more involved in evangelism? Arrow black large Arrow black large Arrow black large Arrow black large Speech blue large 1560498_1403474479908460_2050005434_n We are having a supporters day in October 2015. Click here for details? Rico index.jpgz !cid_6364C70329F94D389253EF5F4053F8D1@JohnGoodwayP join-our-facebook-group-01 ClareFoundationV3compressed