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Evangelism Training -

Church Training - Our training is tailored to the needs of you and your Church. We focus on equipping every Christian in One 2 One Evangelism, which includes practical, hands-on training as well as theory sessions!

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Personal Training in Evangelism - Outreach UK offers the opportunity to have training and mentoring from an experienced Evangelist - One 2 One, hands-on.

Training Tips -

'Listen Carefully'. Jesus often said 'Be careful how you listen'. The more we listen to people, the more we'll understand where they are coming from and therefore how to speak relevantly to them. Many think evangelism is all about what you say, how you preach - but it more important to listen first, then, when we share the gospel, we share it in a relevant way to the person. Everyone likes to be listened to.

Taking the 'Two Minute Challenge' - Practice sharing your testimony in under 2 minutes. This may be all the time someone gives you to share your personal story of coming to know Jesus Christ as your Saviour and Lord.

Sharing the Gospel - We start where people are, and tailor the way we share the gospel to the individual. Remembering, many will know little or nothing of the Christian Faith and often what they think they know, is wrong!

For further details on what is covered by our Evangelism Training or how we can support you and your Church reaching others with the gospel0300 123 1990

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