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'Evangelism Made Easy for Everyone'

- Yes, for every church member.                                                                            This initiative by Outreach UK, Good News Newspaper and Pocket Testament League gives both training and resources - on how everyone in our churches can share the Gospel.

"Casting Your Nets (CYN) is an evangelism training course that makes outreach simple for all church members. Evangelism has too often been the ministry of ‘The Few’ rather than every individual Christian.  CYN shows that this doesn’t need to be so. The theory and practical training we offer equips every church member to share their own faith in Jesus Christ..."

Get in touch for further information - see contact for below.

What the training can include - Praying for Gospel opportunities, Sphere of influence, Using the Good News Newspaper and Pocket Testament League Gospels in outreach, Sharing your story of faith, Using everyday gospel opportunities ....

The training includes sample resources

- We can include a practical session if asked

What others have said:                                                                                    'Inspiring, down to earth, biblical and simple, I was really glad I went'                  'Great talks with so much information on methods of evangelism, wow, and how important these are to the growth of our Churches.'                                  'Many and varied ways to reach out to others.'                                                'CYN Training equips everyone to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.'

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Watch the clip below - and use either a Good News newspaper or a Pocket Testament League John's Gospel.


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