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The Gospel and Resources - 

Outreach UK has a number of resources to help you share your faith.

Evangelism Training Manual - Training Manual

Contents Page  - For subjects covered, please get in touch with us at Outreach UK.

Prayer Cards - Encouraging each Christian to pray for 6 not-yet Christians to come to faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.

Prayer Request Cards - To use in community outreach. To encourage people to share their prayer needs because God Answers Prayer!

Life's  Puzzle Tract - Life's a Puzzle - Life only makes sense when we have a relationship with Jesus Christ at the centre  These Tracts are available from Outreach UK for a small charge. (Contact Outreach UK for details) (New Web Site being built - please be patient!).

Good News Paper A great evangelistic tool for reaching people who know little or nothing about the Christian gospel - and don't come to our churches.

www.goodnews-paper.org.ukGood News Paper

www.bridge-builders.net     Bridge-Builders Logo

'Falling Plates' youtube clip - see below for a great evangelistic video -

Falling Plates Video

Get in touch with Outreach UK to find out about our other resources - including sermon ideas for Evangelistic Events.

What is the Gospel?

To put the Gospel 'Good News' into just a few words, it might be described like this -

Although God is the Creator, his creation rebelled against his rightful rule and decided to go their own way (the Bible calls this rebellion 'sin'). God however didn't give up on his creation because he loved the people he'd made - and sent Jesus Christ to pay the penalty of mankind's rebellion - so, through acknowledging we need forgiveness and are sorry for our rebellion, we can have a restored relationship with God again through what Jesus Christ did. His death on a cross paid the penalty of our rebellion - and we can now enter into a new relationship with God, knowing Him as our Father.

To know more about becoming a Christian - and following Jesus Christ as your Lord, get in touch with us at Outreach UK, we'll be pleased to help you.