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We are a Christian Mission with a focus on One2One Evangelism - helping every Christian share their faith in Jesus Christ. Around 80% of people become Christians through people like you and me sharing our faith in Christ on a one2one basis.

Quote - Cannon J John - 'The Good News is not something we come to Church to hear; it's something we go from Church to tell.'

Outreach UK exists to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ -  and help, train and support other Christians to do the same. Please get in touch - we'd love to hear from you. Perhaps you would like to join our 'Casting Your Nets' initiative - enabling every Christian to share their faith. See 'Casting Your Nets' Tab for more info.

Outreach UK are assisiting Good News Newspaper at Midlands CRE on the 4th and 5th March 2020 - if you want reduced price tickets click on this tab - CRE Midlands Tickets

“One thing I have observed in all my years of ministry is that the most effective and important aspects of evangelism usually take place on an individual, personal level. Most people do not come to Christ as an immediate response to a sermon they hear in a crowded setting. They come to Christ because of the influence of an individual.” - John MacArthur

Trevor   (Trevor Dickerson - National Field Director of Outreach UK)

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